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Global Health Challenges Meet Mizzou Solutions

At the University of Missouri, we're taking on society's biggest health care challenges, expanding our research efforts and working tirelessly to bring precision health to patients, no matter where they live. From major urban centers to underserved rural communities, MU's NextGen Precision Health Institute is dedicated to delivering the next generation of personalized health care solutions.

Helping More People, Faster

Set to open in the fall of 2021 on the MU campus, the NextGen Precision Health Institute will provide talented minds from across the UM System with a new $220.8 million, cutting-edge research facility dedicated to solving our most pressing health concerns. Designed to empower interdisciplinary collaboration as the cornerstone of the UM System’s NextGen Precision Health Initiative, the institute will provide the collaborative nexus for activity focused on speeding the path to new treatments and making them accessible to people in need, faster than ever before.

The single largest research investment on campus, this state-of-the-art, 265,000-square-foot facility promises to improve health for millions of people around the world through translational precision health care research. This innovative bench-to-bedside approach will translate crucial lab research into new life-changing interventions, medicines, technologies and treatments, specifically designed to improve an individual's health based on their condition arising from unique genes, environment and lifestyle.

NextGen Precision Health Institute architectural rendering
Architectural rendering of the NextGen Precision Health Institute, currently under construction in Columbia, Missouri

The Future of Health, Built on the Strengths of Mizzou

As one of only six public universities in the country with schools or colleges of medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture, engineering, arts and science, law and a powerful research reactor — all on one campus — Mizzou is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of precision health. Our position is further strengthened by MU Health, our academic health system that is home to groundbreaking research with headquarters located right next to the NextGen Precision Health Institute. Combining our collective expertise and world-class resources will allow MU researchers to effectively analyze and develop solutions to our critical health challenges and deliver treatments with access for all, improving the lives of people living in urban, rural and remote communities.

Illustration: MU logo inside outline of state of Missouri. Web of icons representing many disciplines contributing to NextGen work.

Aligning Mizzou's strengths behind NextGen Precision Health

What is precision health?

Precision health will develop interventions for individuals and populations to improve health outcomes. By using translational science to incorporate individual factors, such as genetics, environment and lifestyle, precision health accelerates the benefits of discovery, from cells to society.

Research & Solutions

“The whole point of it is to help more people faster. At the end of the day, that’s really what makes this whole NextGen Precision Health Initiative just fantastic. It’s what will change the outcome for so many people.”

—Robert McDonald, father of child with Duchenne muscular dystrophy